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What seeds can I grow in April

April seeds undercover or in the greenhouse Aubergene Celery Courgette Cucumbers Kale Lettuce Rosemary Sage Sweetcorn Thyme Tomatoes, April seeds to sow outside...Read More

What to do to a lawn in March?

What to do to a lawn in March depends on the weather. If there are still frosts try and keep off of the lawn. Once the grass starts to move clear the surface of...Read More

What jobs need doing on an allotment in March?

What jobs need doing on an allotment in March still depends on the weather. It can be pretty variable at this time of year. If it’s mild enough you can pl...Read More

What seeds can I sow in March?

These can be sown in a heated greenhouse or indoors in March Flowers   Aster Ageratum Brachyscombe Coreopsis Dahlia Salvia Stocks    Fruit & Veget...Read More

What needs doing on an allotment in January?

There isn’t a great deal to do on the allotment in January. January is not really the month to plant anything outdoors. Dig up leeks and plant them in som...Read More

How to Take Care of Your Furniture for the Winter Months

You would have enjoyed your garden furniture greatly over the beautiful summer months with numerous evenings spent relaxing under the awnings experiencing a fin...Read More

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How to grow potatoes in a container- the easiest process

If you want to make a garden in a small place, you will glad to know how to grow potatoes in a container. Have you eaten the potatoes which are just dug out? Th...

How to Guide For a Backyard Vegetable Patch

A hearty minestrone soup filled with broccoli and beans sourced solely from a backyard vegetable patch may be a rather alluring prospect. It’s a more economical...

Can I make compost from household waste?

Mick Poultney explains how to make a really rich compost from household waste

When should I sow my carrots?

That depends on when you want to harvest them. Earlies can be sown under cloches mid February to harvest early June Earlies can be sown under cloches in March t...

When can I harvest my rhubarb?

Do not pull any stems during the first season of growth. You will end up damaging the plant. Just pull a few during the second season. Pull and twist the stem a...

What’s the difference between cordon and bush tomatoes?

On a cordon tomato all of the fruit trusses grow from just one main stem. The stem is normally tied to a cane for support. The side shoots should be removed. On...


How can I get rid of aphids?

Spray the infected plant with insecticidal soap, malathion or pirimicarb. Alternatively, apply an insectiside like fenitrothion, permethrin, or pyrethrum. Tar w...