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How to grow potatoes in a container- the easiest process

If you want to make a garden in a small place, you will glad to know how to grow potatoes in a container. Have you eaten the potatoes which are just dug out? The taste will be of course, different from the potatoes of the market. So, you can make a plan to grow the potato in your garden and enjoy them. It is not a tough process. With some ingredients, you can easily grow then in a container. Just read through it! What is needed? To grow potatoes in the container, you need to manage some necessary things. Now I am describing them below: Container To grow potatoes, you can select a large container or even you can use the trash bags or the old tires. But container will be the best. You should make proper drainage of the container. You can call the container as the smart pots. The container sh...

What seeds can I sow in March?

These can be sown in a heated greenhouse or indoors in March Flowers   Aster Ageratum Brachyscombe Coreopsis Dahlia Salvia Stocks    Fruit & Vegetables   Aubergines Basil Brussels Cauliflowers Celery Chilli peppers Cucumbers Gherkins Tomatoes These can be sown outdoors in March, depending on weather and temperature, or under fleece or cloches leeks lettuce onions spring onions parsnips early peas radish rocket spinach broad beans broccoli Brussels sprouts summer cabbage carrots summer cauliflower

How to Guide For a Backyard Vegetable Patch

A hearty minestrone soup filled with broccoli and beans sourced solely from a backyard vegetable patch may be a rather alluring prospect. It’s a more economical way of feeding your family than purchasing fresh produce from supermarkets. Being home grown, a vegetable patch enables you to control the amount and type of pesticide and fertiliser used on your produce. It is also an excellent way to engage family members in an outdoors communal hobby. Indeed, vegetable gardens provide many benefits. But for many, the process of setting up a patch may be an unfamiliar and somewhat overwhelming process. Inevitably, questions of where to start, which type of soil to use, which vegetables to grow, and where to position a vegetable patch in your backyard, will arise. Follow this guide on how to make ...

Can I make compost from household waste?

Mick Poultney explains how to make a really rich compost from household waste

When should I sow my carrots?

That depends on when you want to harvest them. Earlies can be sown under cloches mid February to harvest early June Earlies can be sown under cloches in March to be harvested June to July Early and maincrop can be sown April to be harvested mid July to August Maincrop can be sown mid May to be harvested August Maincrop can be sown June to be harvested September Maincrop can be sown July to be harvested October  

When can I harvest my rhubarb?

Do not pull any stems during the first season of growth. You will end up damaging the plant. Just pull a few during the second season. Pull and twist the stem as near to the base as poosible

What’s the difference between cordon and bush tomatoes?

On a cordon tomato all of the fruit trusses grow from just one main stem. The stem is normally tied to a cane for support. The side shoots should be removed. Once removed the side shoots can be planted as a cutting to make a new plant. Bush tomatoes have a lot of side branches and are a lot more compact.

What’s the difference between first early, second early and main crop potatoes?

These terms refer to the time it takes to get a crop from planting. First early-10 weeks Second early-13 weeks Maincrop-20 weeks Maincrop are better for storage but the are susceptible to blight  

Allotment finder

Find out the quick way how long you will have to wait for a Council allotment with the allotment finder. Click here to contact your local council to apply for an allotment near you. They will either allocate you a plot or add your name to a waiting list. Alternatively it’s worth checking out private plot vacancies from “The National Allotment Society” by clicking here  

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