How to grow potatoes in a container- the easiest process

If you want to make a garden in a small place, you will glad to know how to grow potatoes in a container. Have you eaten the potatoes which are just dug out? The taste will be of course, different from the potatoes of the market. So, you can make a plan to grow the potato in your garden and enjoy them. It is not a tough process. With some ingredients, you can easily grow then in a container. Just read through it! What is needed? To grow potatoes in the container, you need to manage some necessary things. Now I am describing them below: Container To grow potatoes, you can select a large container or even you can use the trash bags or the old tires. But container will be the best. You should make proper drainage of the container. You can call the container as the smart pots. The container sh...

What’s the difference between first early, second early and main crop potatoes?

These terms refer to the time it takes to get a crop from planting. First early-10 weeks Second early-13 weeks Maincrop-20 weeks Maincrop are better for storage but the are susceptible to blight