How to stop badgers damaging lawn

Are badgers damaging lawn? So you open the curtains one morning to find that your lawn has been rotovated. Yes it’s the return of the dreaded badger. Industrial scale damage can be done by these little critters and your lawn looks beyond repair. Don’t worry though, all is not lost. Basically you’ve got to stop them coming in to your garden or remove what they are coming in for. If you open on to the countryside, fencing off with a six foot high fence can be difficult and defeat the object of a country garden. Even a substantial ha-ha won’t deter the most determined badgers. So what are the badgers after? Basically it’s the leather jackets that live under your turf. Leather jackets can be expensive to kill if you have a big area but there are some good natural ...

What is the difference between types of grass seed?

When buying grass seed, check out the mix of seed on the label, this will dictate  the overall appearance and properties of the lawn. Here is a rough guide to the ratios of the different  types of grass seed that make up luxury, utility (general purpose) and shady area lawns Types of grass seed mixes for… Luxury lawn 8 parts Chewings fescue, 2 parts Brown top General purpose lawn 3 parts Perennial ryegrass, 2 parts smooth stalked meadow grass, 3 parts Chewings Fescue, 1 part Browntop Grass for shade 2 parts Perennial Ryegrass, 3 parts Creeping red Fescue, 2 parts Chewings Fescue, 3 parts Wood Meadow grass

What should I do to my lawn in November?

The number one thing to do is to keep the surface clear of leaves. If left on the ground they soon turn the grass yellow through lake of light and weaken it. Keep the lawn free of worm casts by brushing. It’s still possible to mow the lawn on a high “topping” setting. It’s now too late to overseed but it’s good for laying turf

December lawncare

Where the lawn is concerned, December is more a month of observation and taking time to oil and maintain garden care equipment. That said, as grass continues to grow in temperatures above 5ºC (41ºF) there is just a chance, if you are in a mild area, the lawn may need a light mowing for a tidier look through the winter. For most of us though it’s about keeping the lawn clear of fallen leaves, brushing out worm casts if the grass is dry and looking. Look out for any signs of disease and keep a note for when you’re able to take action and treat the lawn. One of the commonest diseases is Fusarium patch which develops as small, dead patches. It’s caused by the fungus Microdochium nivale and the dead patches tend to join up to form larger areas of scarring. It can usually be easily controlled by...

What is the white fluffy mould on my lawn?

This sounds like snow mould.(fusarium patch). Usually starts as a small area of yellow grass. In wet weather the fungus appears as pink or white fluff on the lawn. At it’s worst after a long period of settled snow. The disease is very common on UK lawns. Lawns normally recover in the spring as the fungus only kills the leaves and not the roots. To treat use a fungicide such as carbendazim.

April lawncare

APRIL From April onwards the need for more frequent mowing of the lawn is likely, depending on weather and location. Remember the higher the height of cut the healthier the lawn will be and cutting not more than a third off the height with any one mowing should be the rule. Weeds will start to proliferate and the lawn can be treated now with a selective weed killer, one that does not affect the grass plant. Aerating the lawn by hand (a garden fork will do the job on a smaller lawn) or machine before the ground becomes hardened is beneficial in helping the soil to warm up, encouraging growth, and allowing it to drain more freely by breaking up compaction that has occurred over the winter months. Compaction, as a result of the lawn being trampled by feet and compressed by machines, the lawn ...

The plastic garden

Sounds like a nightmare doesn’t it, waking up in a future where every garden is made of plastic. But isn’t that just what is happening with the tidal wave of new artificial grass contractors  replacing lawns in every street? There always used to be a new wave of gardeners; with the print barely dry on their new van livery, appear every spring. This year they all seem to be starting businesses installing artificial grass. The thing is, it just has so many things going for it. No mud, no cutting, always green, can be used in all weathers, doesn’t dry out and go brown in hot periods, the list goes on. So what’s the problem? Afterall, I admit to having toyed with the idea myself for my far from perfect patch of sword. I think what’s stopping me from replacing my l...