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How to grow potatoes in a container- the easiest process

grow potatoes

If you want to make a garden in a small place, you will glad to know how to grow potatoes in a container. Have you eaten the potatoes which are just dug out? The taste will be of course, different from the potatoes of the market. So, you can make a plan to grow the potato in your garden and enjoy them. It is not a tough process. With some ingredients, you can easily grow then in a container. Just read through it!

grow potatoes

What is needed?
To grow potatoes in the container, you need to manage some necessary things. Now I am describing them below:
To grow potatoes, you can select a large container or even you can use the trash bags or the old tires. But container will be the best. You should make proper drainage of the container. You can call the container as the smart pots. The container should environment-friendly and lightweight so that the potatoes can get proper air to grow. Besides, the fabric container is better.
The soil of the container needs to be high-quality. You can use the garden soil with some compost. You can also use the organic potting soil.
You can use the organic fertilizer in the soil before panting the potatoes. You can use the liquid fertilizer to when the potatoes are growing up. Besides, you can use the fish emulsion.
Sun, water
Every plant needs enough sunlight and proper water to grow up properly. The conditions are same in the case of potatoes. They need 6 to 8 hours of sunlight a day. Besides, give them proper water. Keep the soil of the container moist but not so wet. The dry soil can cause the death of the plants. But if the soil is too wet, the plants will rot.

How to grow potatoes in container
Now I am going to tell the process- how to grow potatoes in container. It is an easy process. When the potatoes sprout, you can just plant them. But it is a good idea to cut them into small pieces and keep them for a few days. Cut the potatoes in right way. Be careful that every piece must have two or more eyes while cutting the potatoes. Do not plant the potatoes in so deep of the soil. Just plant them and cover them with soil.

When the potato plans grow 6 inches, give them some soil with compost. You can add 2 or 3 inches soil when the plants grow well. When the plants flowered, you can harvest them. But you can wait to turn the plant into yellow color. Then harvest. You can take out all the soil with the plants and then easily collect the potatoes.
The potatoes will different in sizes. Some will be small, and some will be big. Now enjoy your own harvested potatoes.
It is a great pleasure to grow potatoes in the own garden. Keep some soil on the surface of your potatoes. It keeps them well for many days. So, finally we are able to know how to grow potatoes in container, and of course, it is easy and joyful process.

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